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Following are our milestone and objectives

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Following are our milestone and objectives

To promote the development of commerce and investment between Switzerland and Bangladesh.

To protect Swiss commercial trade and investment interests in Bangladesh and Bangladeshi interests in Switzerland.

To liaise with the Embassy of Switzerland in Dhaka on matters of interest to the SBCCI and to assist in providing support to delegations, businessmen and officials visiting both Bangladesh and Switzerland.

To provide a forum in which Swiss business representatives in Bangladesh and other business executives with Swiss interests may identify, discuss, and pursue common interests regarding their activities.

To work with individuals and organizations in Switzerland and Bangladesh.

To heighten awareness of Bangladeshi commercial position among the Swiss business community and vice versa.

To provide a link with Government Departments, Tourist Offices, Chambers of Commerce and other trade or business organizations in Switzerland dedicated to the promotion of economic development between Switzerland and Bangladesh.

The SBCCI will be striving to do all this, which may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objectives. The SBCCI shall not engage in any political activity in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, or allow its funds or facilities to be used for political purposes in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

The Switzerland – Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SBCCI) is a non-profit voluntary organization of individuals and companies from both Bangladesh and Switzerland; with the overall goal of promoting bilateral trade and investments between the two countries.


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